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A software technology company that delivers enterprise class development tools and solutions.

Product and Solution Endpoints

EndApps, the Platform
EndApps, an acronym for Enterprise and Departmental Applications, is a generic approach to the implementation of business processes as software services. Visit the product site (www.EndApps.com)

OxyGen Code Generator
Is an architected RAD Tool that uses just the right degree of automation to enable software builders concentrate to on unique, domain specific problems. Visit the product site (www.OxyGenCode.com)

OxyDev Tools
OxyDev Tools, a productivity toolbox for Visual Studio Developers, consists of more than 25 tools that are designed to enhance developer efficiency. OxyDev Tools is 100% free. OxyProject Metrics, the well known code analysis tool is now part of OxyDev Tools. Visit the product site (www.OxyDevTools.com)

Consulting Services
Transparent, model based implementations with a high degree of predictability. Our specialized tools allows us to provide an unbeatable value proposition